Sathin Fort

Located around 70 kms away from Jodhpur on Jodhpur-Merta Road, Sathin Fort is also known as “House of Sathin” or Sathin Garh, it’s a 350 years old fort. Sathin Fort & its history have an exceptional contribution in the history of Bhati Clan of Marwar. Thakur Govind Singh ji and his wife Thakurani Man Kanwar are the current patrons of Sathin. The property is managed by their son Kunwar Chandrashekhar Sathin & his wife Kunwarani Bhimeshwari Singh Sathin.

Tourists explore the fort to comprehend the traditions & culture; it’s a perfect escape for those who are looking for seclusion, rural home stay along with great adventures. The activities offered here for the tourists are Village Safari, Jeep Safaris, live cooking etc. visitors & tourists can stop by or stay overnight, encounter typical marwar hospitality.

Fort is an old heritage haveli well equipped with deluxe & suite rooms; choose to stay at Badal Mahal or Hawa Mahal Palace. There is a restaurant serving traditional recipes of the royal families cooked with authentic Indian spices. There are separate quarters, storehouses & 25 camel stables in the fort. The fort has still been maintained as it was during the earlier times. Traverse through the nearby villages and shop from the local bazaars. It’s a perfect weekend getaway, come close to the Marwar lifestyle and culture. This fort is also popular because various movies & short films have been shot here; this is one reason why it’s of a special interest to tourists.

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    Sathin Garh is a 350 year old heritage haveli situated at 60 kms from Jodhpur