Rao Jodha Desert Park

As you set foot, in the of the valley of the thorny desert, located right at the foothills of the Mehrangarh Fort, you will hear the songs sung by bulbul, Asian songbird, cackling of the doves, you may frequently hear the francolins squawking from a distance, during the evening time, the swifts fill the air space setting sky abuzz, the porcupines are often found playing hide and seek, it is an absolute delight for the nature lovers and bird watchers. The sprawling rock desert, forms a spectacular landscape; spread over 72 acres with rocks, natural plants, and diverse flora & fauna it is a home to about 250 species of indigenous plants, 200 species of birds and several reptiles; in the midst of all these you wonder at the vegetation grown over these arid lands. The magnificent park is cleverly designed by environmentalists and naturalists; it was initially built, by Mehrangarh Museum Trust.

 The valley bursts, with wide range of flowers whose colorful heads peeps from lush green grass, carefully outlined stone steps, gives immense character to desert landscape along with carefully cropped trees. The Roa Jodha Park, get its name after Roa Jodha, the 15th century warrior, who had built the Mehrangarh Fort. If you plan to visit the park do not forget to carry a pair of comfortable footwear and a set binocular to help you view the diversity of the park. The park is open throughout the year; however autumn is the best season to visit as the weather is pleasant.

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    Nature, Photography, Ecotourism and Geography
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    At the foot of Mehrangarh Fort, near Jaipol
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    15 INR for Indians and 30 INR for foreigners. Photography and videography charge are 25 INR and 50 INR respectively.
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    April to September (7am to 6:30pm) & October to March (8am to 5:30pm)
Rao Jodha Desert Park
Rao Jodha Desert Park
Rao Jodha Desert Park
Rao Jodha Desert Park
Rao Jodha Desert Park