Osian Village

Built during 8th century, Osian is an old town situated 65 kms away from Jodhpur on Jodhpur-Bikaner highway. This town is famous for its temple and its magnificent architectural built. In ancient times the town was regarded religious center of Marwar, apparently there used to be about 100 temples once which are now at ruins, at present there are 18 temples remaining.  The Osian Village is said to be founded by a Rajput king, it’s also known as Kajuraho of Rajasthan. The place is religious excursion to Jain Community and serves as a holy place of Pilgrimage due to Famous Jain Temple devoted to Lord Mahavira.

Main attractions here are Jain & Hindu temples, popularly Sachiya Mata Temple, Harihara Temples & Sun Temple.

The Sachiya Mata temple is dedicated to Goddess Sachi wife of Lord Indra also known as Indrani, the temple is built in many phases. Two other temples are also there Chandi Maa & Amba Mata. Inside the temple are beautifully carved ceilings & sculptures of lords and Hindu devotees.  A sculpture of Lord Vishnu is located in the north, while statues of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi are in the east. There is sequence of arched entrance to the temple.

The Harihara temples are union of three temples devoted to Lord Hariharan alliance of Lord Shiva & Lord Vishnu; built on high elevation. Its architecture is quite different from other temples in Osian; these temples are ancient yet with a modern touch to it. There are carvings of Lord Krishna and Radha in dancing postures.

The Sun Temple is dedicated to Lord Surya or the Sun God; there is remarkable idol of Lord Surya in the main hall along with idols of Lord Ganesha & other Goddesses. There are images of Serpents around lotus flower, as earlier Nagas here used to worship serpents.  The life-story of the lords is depicted in the sculptures & paintings of the temple.

 The Jain Temple is dedicated to Lord Mahavira; it’s a popular place of worship amongst the Jains. Jain Temple is acknowledged for its stunning architecture. The memorial is positioned on a raised floor made of sandstone. The altar is comprised of idol of Lord Mahavira. Three galleries constructed inside keep the shrine well-ventilated.

Ossian Temple is surrounded by desert and sand dunes, hence Camel & Desert Safaris are also popular in this region; which is another reason to visit Osian.

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    Nature, Photography, Sand dunes, Pilgrimage, Rajasthani cuisine and night life
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    Around 70 kilimeters from Jodhpur city
Osian Village
Osian Village
Osian Village
Osian Village
Osian Village