Mehrangarh Fort

Meharangarh Fort, one  of the largest forts in Jodhpur, India, it built approximately one hundred and twenty feet perpendicular in sheer opulence above the  ground, and four hundred into the sky blue horizon, it was built in 1450 A.D., by the Rajput Emperor Rao Jodha. Meharangarh Fort means ‘Fort of the Sun’ according to mythical belief, Rathore clan were descendants of  God of Sun, Surya.

The fort’s elevation has a striking resemblance to medieval architecture. It is built with red sand stone, which has withstood the testimony of time, passing through, centuries of wear and tear, including wars. There are seven gates to enter the Mehrangargh Fort, commonly known as Pol. The main gateway entrance is Jai (victory) Pol, it was built to commemorate the Raja Maan Sing’s victory over the armies of Bikaner and Jaipur. The interiors of the fort are quite stupendous and magnificent. There is special feature of Rajasthani architecture, known as the Jharokas, hanging balconies, which were used by queens and women of the palace, and they were also used for placing important weapons. Meticulous wall painting splashed with enriched colors truly exhibits royal richness.

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    Above the old city of Jodhpur and entrance is at north side called as Jaipol.
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    60 INR for Indians and 400 INR for foreigners. A trip to museum will cost 70 INR for Indians, 600 INR for foreigners plus 200 INR and 100 INR for photography and videography respectively. Discounted prices for senior citizens and students.
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    Open on all days (9am to 5pm)
Mehrangrah Fort
Mehrangrah Fort
Mehrangrah Fort
Mehrangrah Fort
Mehrangrah Fort