Mandore Garden

Mandore Garden, famously known, as the erstwhile capital of Marwar, Mandore is an ancient town, located seven kilometers to the north from Jodhpur. Though you may not be encouraged to keep this destination on your travelling itinerary by the local guides, the abandoned Mandore Gardens, will remind you of Angkora Wat temple in Cambodia. The place has been invaded, by several kings in the past, and therefore was abandoned as the capital city; Mandore, however beckons you with its lush green gardens, and intricate ancient architecture, which is splendid in its beauty; it has a clump of cenotaphs, built in memory of the royals, each cenotaph is different and has unique features, yet they are all unified despite their diversity.

 There are many temples, constructed inside the Mandore Gardens; however the Ravana Temple is the most popular attraction amongst the tourists. Ravana according to ancient mythology was the son-in law, to the Brahmins of Mandore, as their daughter Mandodri was married to Ravana. The Hindu Temple, residing 330 million gods, now turned into a museum known as “Hall of Heroes” is also very popular. It also has many parrots, monkeys and langur as regular visitors to the Mandore Gardens, tourists may head home after their visit, however these special visitors come to pay their homage to the temple every day, the Angkora style temple will lure you, to get a glimpse of the place.

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    History, Architecture, Gardens, Photography
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    Eight kilometres north of jodhpur
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    No tickets for visiting
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    Open on all days
Mandore Garden
Mandore Garden
Mandore Garden
Mandore Garden
Mandore Garden