Kaylana Lake

Kaylana Lake, is an unnatural - manmade lake, it is situated approximately eight kilometers, north west on Jaisalmer road. The Lake has all the quintessential to make it an ideal picnic spot; the sunset over the lake in its display of orange and amber hues , against the backdrop infinite blue skies, its mesmerizing reflection  on the waters,  captivates your attention, a few moments where ‘heaven meets the earth’, it leaves the visitors spell bound, asking for more. It dawns, a calming effect on all its visitors. Its principal source of water comes from the Himalayan Mountains; the Lake leaves no one unhappy as it also provides an option to boat, on its refreshing waters. Kaylana, supplies waterline to the entire city.

 Kaylana Lake, is framed perfectly by lush green gardens around it, adding to the panorama. Often visitors come here for bird watching, adventurous activities like trekking, it also gives  photographers an opportunity to capture stunning pictures of the landscape, there something for everyone that makes the place, as we began with – an ideal place for picnic. To sum it is a perfect holiday destination.

Tips for traveler

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    Famous for

    Nature, Photography, Bird watching, Adventure
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    Located within five kilometres west of Jodhpur city
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    No tickets for visiting
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    Open on all days (sunrise to sunset)
Kaylana Lake
Kaylana Lake
Kaylana Lake
Kaylana Lake
Kaylana Lake