Jaswant Thada

Jaswant Thada, also referred sometimes, as the 'Taj Mahal of Jodhpur' is a memorial built in 1899 by Maharaja Sardar Singh, in remembrance of his father, Maharaja Jaswant Singh II. What strikes most about the monument is the fresh appeal from the other buildings, i.e. the use of white alongside red. The building is sketched out by greenery, by the garden built around it, which elevates it to next level. There is a certain tranquility that posses you while you are here; the flute and other instruments being played by the local musicians’ calms your soul. This monument is built with white marble, in a temple like structure with tombs and carved walls. The design of the mausoleum reflects sheer architectural artistry, the exterior of walls radiates when it comes in contact with the sun’s rays. Inside the landmark one gets to see the cenotaphs buried in the ground with the pictures and portraits of Maharajas. There is a small lake on one side which was built for rituals, paying homage to the dead.  The memorial is located adjacent to the fort, which attracts the travellers and tourists visiting the fort. The memorial also serves as a cremation ground to Maharaja’s family. 

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    History, Architecture, Photography
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    North side of Mehrangarh Fort
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    15 INR for Indians and 30 INR for foreigners. Photography and videography charges are 25 INR and 50 INR respectively.
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    Open on all weekdays (9am to 5pm). Closed on all gazette holidays
Jaswant Thada
Jaswant Thada
Jaswant Thada
Jaswant Thada
Jaswant Thada