Clock Tower & Sardar Market

About 300 years old, Clock Tower (also known as Ghanta Ghar ) is a popular sight in Jodhpur city. Sardar market is bustling, with wide variety to shop for, there are about seven thousand, shops and you are definitely spoilt for choices right from silver jewellery and artifact, paintings, embroidered leather shoes, tie and dye cotton sheets and Saris etc. You also get traditional glass and “lark” bangle in vibrant colors’. While wandering in the market you can buy souvenirs for loved ones and friends.

While shopping if you get tired, the market is loaded with mouth watering treats you can try lassi refreshing drink with flavored fruit made of rich yogurt, or try the hot and spicy samoas and kachoris, puff a puff pastry made of potatoes and vegetables served mint and tamarind chutney, or try Indian ice-cream served with noodles and condiments, or have a glass chilled fresh sugar cane juice on the road side.

If you are feeling rich, you can buy expensive silks rugs that can grace your homes and make them look elegant, precious stone jewellery, or expensive teas and spices like saffron; you also can buy furnishings which can be shipped easily to your home. Clock tower and Sardar market are shopping heavens of Jodhpur, we highly recommend visiting the market even if you are not inclined to buy, the sheer vibrancy of the place will make you come closer to the city beat.

Tips for traveler

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    Famous For

    Shopping, History, Architecture and Street Food
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    Located just near Sardar Market within the city premises
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    No fee
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    Open on all days from 10am to 9pm
clock tower jodhpur
clock tower jodhpur
clock tower jodhpur
clock tower jodhpur
clock tower jodhpur