Jodhpur is popular travel destination very well connected by roads, air and train routes according to preference and budget you can choose any mode of transportation. You can travel to Jodhpur via trains available from other cities across India one can travel both by public or private buses again depending o the budget. You can also make roads trip again both by your own vehicle or use rentals as roads are well connected with national and state highways. You can also choose to travel by air using domestic flights however you need to connect to flight from big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmadabad, Indore, Udaipur and Jaipur etc.
The best time to visit the city is at the end of monsoon i.e. from August till February. It is comparatively pleasant. Moreover, winter is generally preferred by tourist as most of the festivals take place during winters and the city becomes lively during this period.
It depends which facilities you want avail and your budget. While some tourists prefer royal experience of Jodhpur, for them it may usually cost between ten to twenty thousand rupees or above per night. On the other hand if you are looking for economical accommodation there are backpackers and guests houses which are quite decent and cost effective.
Commuting within the city is easy; there are private taxi cabs, rentals, and buses to travel.
Normally Three days are sufficient for cover all the main and popular places in Jodhpur. Day one can be used for visiting the forts, palaces and other monuments. Day two can be used for shopping, touring the city and visits to the local temples. Day three can be used to go to Safaris, adventure sports and village tours nearby Jodhpur.
There are four national holidays, including holidays on festivals. The offices and banks are usually closed on the national holidays; however markets are open throughout the day.
People of Jodhpur speak Marwari the local Rajasthani language, but Hindi is widely spoken, it happens to be the national language. People here also understand and can speak English.
There are local bazaars and shops in the city, you can also find markets near Clock tower, Nai Sarak Lakhara Bazar, Tripolia Bazar and old city which are quite affordable and one can find variety of good quality produce and items including spices, clothes, shoes, handicrafts, etc.
Handicraft is a flourishing business in Jodhpur, there are traders from all over the city involved in with import and export of the goods. Handicraft goods are quite popular exports which includes artefacts, wooden, iron, and textiles industry. There are several international trade fairs where the goods are exported and imported keeping up with the global market and buyer needs.