Art & Craft

Incredible Jodhpur is noted for its fine artwork, Craft and skills. This city henceforth emanates as most significant median for Handicrafts, Handlooms & ethnic furniture.  What is spectacular is its one of the largest  exporters  of  goods  in  India  as  well  as  Abroad.  These  goods  include  wooden  furniture, handicrafts, décor items, glassware’s, metal ware, iron crafts, etc. The fine art work and artistry of the city attracts the tourist, travelers specially visit Jodhpur to purchase the handicrafts & handloom goods. The Handicraft sector is growing with time, sufficing the needs of Buyers all across the globe. Jodhpur’s ever-growing art & craft industry also aids to elevate country’s financial system, repute via transporting local goods over the sphere.

Although the Handicraft & Art sector includes oodles of artifactss and commodities but widespread amongst them are a few:

Woodenwares: The Wooden wares comprise of furniture made out of wood, such as dining table, Closets, Couches, etc. Each piece is uniquely crafted and carved to perfection.  A large portion of wood goes in wooden furniture, most of the houses have wooden doors and other wooden furnishings. If one visits old city, you get glimpse of Verandas, Hanging Balconies & Windows made out from Wood.  The wood mostly used is Sheeshams, teak, Mahogany which is locally found here, some industries also use old wood, refurbish them into new goods.

Wrought Iron & Iron Handicrafts: Wrought iron and Iron crafts have gained popularity from Jodhpur, since then it’s getting renowned on a large spectrum. Iron furniture such as Dining table stands, Mirrors, Cupboards, Hanging stands etc, of contemporary style is quite of an interest to the buyers. Items like Mirrors, Old Wall Clocks and Beds are formulated with Wrought Iron, which makes it more varied and stylish. The Wrought iron used is no less than iron yet with low carbon content. Most of the iron furniture is polished in matte black powder coating.

Textiles and Cottage Industry craft work: Major Part of the city’s employment is towards Handicrafts, Textiles and Cottage Industries come to second. The manufacturers are predominantly from Village areas, working in industries. The specimens are beautifully crafted and integrated to a fine piece of Clothing. There is a reflection of Royalty as Well as traditional values. The textiles include cotton embroidered pieces, bandhej, etc. Especially Bandhej fabrics they are ancient era worn during the time of Kings and Mughals. There is a wide variety of colors, textures and tie-dye concept is quite popular here.

Well  known  are  the  Handlooms,  Textile  industries  and  Bazaars  selling  the  fine  pieces  of  clothing material. Jodhpur’s Textile sector has gained acclamation among visitors. People from all across come and invest in handloom industries, by purchase goods on a large scale. The fabrics, designs with mirror works, embroideries, and thread work depict craftsmanship of true artesian.

Antique treasures:   Antique products and collectibles possess great value worldwide. Jodhpur additionally piles huge collection of Artifacts and Antiques from old era. The Antiques involve, furniture, crockery,  Glassware, Wall Clocks, Decorative  and so on.  The  Export businesses  here  involves large portion of Antiques, because of its unique representation.

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