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Udaipur is one of the most popular tourists place in India. The city is located in southern part of Rajasthan, the western province of India. Udaipur is a second most popular spot of tourist attraction after Taj Mahal. The nicknames of Udaipur are the white city and the Lake city.

Like other cities of same province, Udaipur is blessed with natural and manmade tourist places. Whole Udaipur city seems to be a huge museum. At every corner, at every street, and at every direction; there are many forts, temple, and monuments.

Udaipur city has various food spots with traditional Rajasthani and other types of food. Udaipur is world wide famous for its local couisne "Daal-Baati and Choorma" It is a vegetarian dish and served in traditional style. Udaipur Restaurant, grand Anupama eating place, nice Delhigate, Berry's hotel, good Gangaur Restaurant, Jai Restaurant, Kailash Colony, and fantastic Sheeshmahal, are well known hotels and restaurants to enjoy traditional food in incredible Udaipur.

Tourist attraction Udaipur is very popular among multilingual film industry of India. Producers and directors of all Indian languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and other love to shoot their movies in Udaipur. From a higher distance, Jaipur looks like a real heaven on the earth. Guide, one of the most critically acclaimed and cult movie of actor Late Mr. Dev Anand did shoot in Udaipur only. Dev Anand portrayed role of tourist guide of Udaipur city in the movie.  Tourists still love to visit the places where Mr. Dev Anand shot his movie in Udaipur.

Udaipur is located in exact north direction of incredible Jodhpur. The distance between two tourist's heavens is approximate 262 kilometers. The travel time is around four hours and thirty minutes by Rajasthan State Highway no. 32. There are frequent bus services available between incredible Udaipur and incredible Jodhpur. Tourists with family may hire private taxi with AC and non-ac options. The Indian railway provides daily train service between incredible Udaipur and incredible Jodhpur and traveling time is five hour approximately.

As far as places of tourist attraction are concerned, no other Indian city is as rich as Udaipur is !

Palace complex - The biggest attraction of tourists in Udaipur is city palace complex. This palace was a residential place of Mewar dynasty who ruled Udaipur before Indian independence. After 1947 when India became a democratic nation, the palace was converted into a luxury hotel. There is a City Palace museum which is the most incredible site to watch, Tourists cannot get pass the charm and royalty of the Maharanas and their lives. The museum was constructed nearly four and half centuries ago and is the oldest and biggest part of the City Palace Complex.

Hotel Lake palace - Another palace of tourist attraction in Udaipur is hotel Lake palace. Hotel Lake provides joy of an Island to tourists as it is located in middle of Lake. Hotel Lake palace seems to be a floating Island in water. Foreigner tourists love to visit hotel Lake palace. This palace is located on the lake Pichola. Tourists are taken from the lake to the hotel through a speed boat. The most alluring thing here for the couple and other tourists is that this palace has been voted as the most romantic hotel in India and also in the World.

Jag temple - It is another place that makes Udaipur as incredible Udaipur. The temple has been built in middle of lack and it an Island touch to tourists. Jagadish temple is very famous center of faith and very popular among Hindu community. This is one of the natural island in the Udaipur and often called Lake Garden Palace. There are three kings under whose instruction this temple was made and all three belonged to Sisodia rajputs of Mewar kingdom. The temple construction was started under the reign of Maharana Amar Singh, then Maharana Karna Singh and then Maharana Jagat Singh.

 Fateh Sagar Lake and Lake Pichola - These are two other lakes that truly justify the nickname of "Lake City" for incredible Udaipur. You are being called by the city of Lake! Fateh Sagar Lake is one lake amongst all four in the city. This is an artificial lake and often known as the pride of Udaipur lakes. Then there is Pichola Lake which is also an artificial lake just like Fateh sagar lake and stores fresh water. Two islands, namely Jag Niwas and Jag Mandir are located in Lake Pichola. Tourists can also view various birds such as coots, egrets and kingfishers here.

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