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Rajasthan Villages

Rajasthan is a culturally rich state. Any tourist who visits Rajasthan should definitely witness the culture and traditions with Rajasthani people have nurtured since ages. Many of them live in their ancestral homes called as Havelis, which are magnificent and huge palatial houses. Even the common people of Rajasthan who live in settlements in the midst of the deserts have maintained their traditions set by their ancestors since generations. The men wearing vibrant colored turbans and adorning moustaches along with women wearing heavy jewelry along with colorful ghagras(skirts) and blouses and a dupatta fluttering in the desert winds will leave you mesmerized with their cultural beauty. You can have look of a village tour gallery on incredible JodhpurRajasthan Village tourism in Rajasthan mainly includes visits to a village where Bishnoi Tribes reside. This village safari was started by the Maharajas of those particular areas in order to give a certain amount of recognition to these tribes who are responsible for maintaining many cultures and traditions. The tourists can also get a chance to learn many skills from indigenous village artisans. Rajasthan Village safaris include a village stay, with options for traditional Rajasthani as well as normal meals, but one should choose the traditional meals, just for a full fun experience.

Village safaris can give the tourists a true glimpse of the rich culture of these tribes, as well as act as a help to these tribal people, which opens s scope of development for them. These tours are one day return tours as well as 2-3 days long tours.

Tourists can enjoy witnessing as well as learning skills like pottery and block printing, and also witness the wildlife amidst which, these tribes have managed to settle. The tourists can also take a part in the faming activities as well as mountain expeditions along with the Bishnoi tribes. You can witness the people adorned with spectacularly beautiful traditional costumes. The village tours of Marwar are especially famous, as the experience is more giving when a tourist visits the villages of Marwar, which is a city of massive historical significance. The tourists can also shop different good made by Bishnoi tribes, and provide them with some amount of help. These goods include handcrafted articles; block printed fabric and pottery articles. You can witness daily activities like churning of butter and goats being milked, without any machinery being used. This experience of reaching the roots of your lifestyle and culture is indeed going to be amazing and hence, you should definitely plan a Rajasthan Village tour once in your lifetime.