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About Incredible Jodhpur Foundation

Incredible Jodhpur Foundation

The Incredible Jodhpur Foundation Trust is a non-profit organization in Jodhpur and was established in 2014. The main objective of this foundation is BIRD PROTECTION across Jodhpur.

 It was one of the Life changing encounters of Mr. Rafi Ahmed, when he realized that the temperature in Jodhpur, Rajasthan in summers is very High, birds and animals do not get enough water to drink, because of which they die. So he decided to come up with something which can be helpful for them to get enough water to drink. His initiative started when he placed 2000 “Parindas”- mud bowls in which water can be filled and kept for birds and street animals to drink water. 
Incredible Jodhpur which comes under Incredible Jodhpur Foundation Trust is into Tourism.




 To place more and more Parindas all over Jodhpur, to get the birds maximum amount of water to drink..


To promote plantations, water management, air and noise management. 
Publish books and brochure in Hindi and English language to provide all necessary information about Jodhpur History and culture.
Provide awareness about social Liabilities, organizing camps and classes for students.
To promote Tourism, educate people to promote tourism.
To provide Employment.
Provide Educational services.
Grievance Section to help people in cases of Dowry, child marriage, child labor, Molestation.


   Where any one who is suffering from any of these situations can approach us.