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 Bikaner city is located in northwest side of Rajasthan, the western province of India. Like other cities of same province, Bikaner is a well known center of attraction for the tourists. Bikaner has a long and glorious history. In fifteenth century Bikaner was ruled by Jat dynasty. Earlier Bikaner region was known as "Jangladesh" because of barren forests area. Today Bikaner is specifically known by Bikaneri Bhujiya, the delicious and popular snack belongs to Bikaner city.

Bikaner is located in straight north direction from Jodhpur. Distance between two cities is 251 Kilometers and approximate travelling time is four and half hour. These two cities are connected by railway line as well and Indian railway provides daily trains between Bikaner and Jodhpur.  Apart from state roadway bus, private bus service and taxi service are the other options to travel from Bikaner to Jodhpur.

To sense the soul of desert and get pleasure from camel riding, you must go Bikaner for Camel Safari Day tours. Camel safari makes you to feel a different world.  On your safari ride, you will find glorious scenario when sky looks like a colorful canvas of a talented painter. You won’t be able stop yourself to click your cameras.

Tourist attraction Bikaner city owns lot of historical places and monuments which make this city a center of attraction among tourists.

Junagarh Fort- It has been built in year 1593 by Emperor Rai Singh. It is a common perception that crocodiles were bred in the water moat surrounding the fort. The construction is a unique amalgamation of Mughal, Gujarati and Rajput pattern of architecture. The picturesque courtyards are an ornament that increases the beauty of this forte. The amazing and creative architecture can easily be witnessed inside the fort. . Some of the attractions inside the fort are DungarMahal,AnupMahal,Ganga Mahal , HawaMahal, , Diwan-e-khas and Chandra Mahal. Tourist come here to view the blend of Mughal, gujrati and Rajput style of architecture here.

Lalgarh Palace- It is a creation of king Ganga Singh and he devoted this fort to his father King Lal Singh. The red sandstone construction is a fabulous illustration of the architectural excellence of the past. Mughal, Rajput and European architectures mixture proves that how two or more than two cultures absorb each other. The massive lawns and flocking peacocks are a sight to watch when peacocks dance on occasion of arrival of monsoon. You could find library, cards room and billiards room among various other rooms. It is the major tourist destination in Bikaner due to its natural beauty and lush green surroundings.

Gajner Palace- It stands on the coasts of the Lake. King Ganga Singh Ji built the palace. The royal family used the palace to cheer after hunting. The red sandstone construction is a mind blowing example of magical architecture. The palace is located in the thick of forest and the flocking sound of migratory birds will ensure that music is a divine feeling and is a creation of god.

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