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Best Time To Visit

Rajasthan’s beauty will leave you mesmerized and create an unforgettable lifetime memory for you, but it is best to experience the beauty of Rajasthan when the climate is appropriate, so that you are able to enjoy comfortably. The best time to visit Rajasthan is from October to March, when you can enjoy your trip to the fullest, without being worried about the climate being extremely hot or cold, because both the winters as well as summers of Rajasthan are harsh. The climatic conditions are most pleasant during the period from October to March, as it is not too hot. Along with the climate being fine, it is also comfortable to enjoy seeing the magnificently beautiful palaces of Rajasthan, going on desert safaris, and travelling around. The period from April to July will be uncomfortable for people travelling from cold places, as they would not feel comfortable in the dry and hot climate of Rajasthan. The only hill station in Rajasthan, Mount Abu can be visited anytime, but if you really want to see the entire Rajasthan including the traditions and cultures, wildlife, people and palaces as well as deserts, October to March is the best period.

During this period, the climate is normal because of which, tourists coming from any place will be able to adjust. It will be very difficult to go for sight-seeing in harsh weathers, especially going for desert safaris. So, one should always try and visit Rajasthan during October to march, and make a memorable trip, with not a single hassle coming your way. You can still check out the perfect weather which suites you and plan your tour with the help of incredible Jodhpur.