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Go to Sariska and revive your souls witnessing the splendid natural beauty !

Definitely Rajasthan is one of the most attractive destinations in the incredible country of India. Rajasthan, a state full of colors has a lot more than just palaces and monuments for the tourists. Along with the beautiful and magnificent palaces and sparkling sand dunes of Rajasthan, there are a lot more for you, for example, wildlife. And if you are passionate for wildlife as well as historical monuments, you should definitely visit Sariska Tiger Reserve and wildlife Sanctuary, which is located in the Alwar District of Rajasthan. Sariska was one of the places where which was a hunting reserve for the Royals of Alwar and was declared as wildlife sanctuary in the year of 1958 and came under the ‘’Project Tiger’’ in the year 1979.

Sariska Wildlife - This beautiful sanctuary is located in the Aravalli Mountain Ranges of western India and is very abundant in wildlife and has been successful in Relocating Bengal Tigers. The total tiger population of Sariska is 13. The reserve also has species like Leopard, Jungle Cat, Chital, Golden Jackal and Striped Hyenas. Hence, it is a perfect place for a wild life lover, because it is not too commercialized and has its natural beauty intact. The Sariska Wildlife sanctuary is also a heaven for bird watching enthusiasts because there are a lot of beautiful bird species like Kingfishers, Woodpeckers, Serpent eagle, Peafowl and peacocks in this Wildlife Sanctuary.

Historical monuments Apart from being famous for its wildlife, Sariska is also very famous for several historical monuments. One of it is the Kankwadi fort, which was built in the 16th Century by Jai Singh II. It is a very grand and beautiful palace and if you love Indian Architecture, you will surely fall in love with his structure.

Sariska Palace- The Sariska Palace is also one of the places which is a must visit, as it is located inside the Tiger Reserve.

Bharthrihari and Pandupol Hanumanji Temple- There are religious places like Bharthrihari temple and the Pandupol Hanumanji Temple, which you can visit on your trip to Sariska in order to witness and experience the faith and religious feelings of the locals.

Rajasthani food - Apart from enjoying the wildlife and getting blessed by visiting temples, you can enjoy authentic Rajasthani food like Dal baatiChurma if you are a Vegetarian. There are a lot of hotels which have recently opened up as the number of tourists in Sariska has increased. You can book safaris to Sariska Tiger Reserve from the place where you stay, and the safari conductors will pick you up from your hotels.

The best time to Visit Sariska is in March or April, and it is very easy to reach there. It is at a distance of 200 km from Delhi and 108 kms from Jaipur. Thus, if you are travelling by Air, you can come to Delhi or Jaipur Airport (According to your convenience) and take a taxi or a bus. You can easily get a bus from Jaipur to Alwar. You can also travel by train to Alwar station, which is at the distance of 36 kms from Sariska. Thus, you can have a relaxed and refreshing trip at Sariska.

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