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About Mandore



Mandore was the capital of the marwar prior the foundation of Incredible Jodhpur which is situated 7-kms north from the Jodhpur junction.  The popular local attraction of mandore is its royal based gardens with high rock terraces and most important there are the cenotaphs of the former rulers of Incredible Jodhpur.
The special attraction of these cenotaphs is that instead of usual Chatri-shaped as typical Rajasthan style, there are set in the beautiful landscape mandore garden along with the line of a Hindu temple. Here they are four stories with the fine columns and a unique spire, all in red sandstones. The most appealing dewal is of Maharaja Ajit Singh. Over the hills on a rocky outcrop the cenotaphs of Maharani’s are set.

In this victorious Mandore garden you will get to see “the Shrine of the Three Hundred Millon Gods”, fully surrounded by colorful bright images of Hindu Gods which gives us a pleasant feeling.