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About Kaylana Lake

Kaylana Lake


The Kaylana Lake found 9 kms North West of Jodhpur city on Jaisalmer Street is a perfect excursion spot. The lake is otherwise called Pratap Sagar, as it was constructed by Pratap Singh of Jodhpur amid the year 1872. Prior, the locale connecting the lake had castles and enclosures of two Jodhpur rulers which were crushed to manufacture the Kaylana Lake. Spread in excess of 84 square kms of area Kaylana Lake is the Historical Water Sources In Jodhpur and fundamental wellspring of water supply to the city, where water comes the extent that from Himalaya through Indra Gandhi Canal. Flanked by a lovely arrangement, the lake and its surroundings are the home to assortment of flying creatures and little creatures. Sailing offices in the lake is accommodated voyagers. Kaylana Lake is a fantastic spot for flying creature viewing furthermore offers an amazing perspective of the dusk. As the lake is profound, swimming is disallowed here.